The Trinity River Needs You
The Trinity River and Trails are vital to our environment, economy and quality of life. By joining the Friends of the Trinity River, you will :​

  • Protect and enhance open spaces and natural features along the river
  • Make improvements and new additions to the Trinity Trails system
  • Promote recreational opportunities for users of all ages and abilities
  • Educate the public about trail safety
  • Ensure ongoing stewardship and thoughtful strategic planning for the Trinity River and adjacent communities

Streams & Valleys works closely with the City of Fort Worth and the Tarrant Regional Water District to make the Trinity River and Trails better and better.


We’re a group of people who love the river, the trails and the outdoors, join us today! Friends of the Trinity River is a membership support program of Streams & Valleys, a local 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that has been stewarding the Trinity for over 50 years.

Membership is a great way to protect, enhance and enjoy the Trinity River – all in one! Monthly member-only events, combined with exclusive discounts and invites to river events are just a few of the reasons to join!

Individuals, families, businesses and other organizations are all welcome to join.



Personalized Temporary Trail Decal


Personalized Temporary Trail Decal +
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Personalized Temporary Trail Decal, VIP + Exclusive Event Invitations


Personalized Temporary Trail Decal, VIP, Exclusive Event Invitations & Name Mention on Website

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